I never liked the way beer tastes but I’ve always liked how alcohol makes me feel. That heat I feel which starts from my throat then in my chest then in my stomach. The feeling it gives me like I can just say anything, anything. That confidence which I can never have when I’m my normal self. It’s like when you have alcohol in your nerves, nothing can get wrong, but when it’s gone you suddenly realize things have gone wrong.

I’m not anyone’s first choice. I’m not anyone’s favorite. People may tell me I mean a lot to them and that I’m special to them but I know there’s someone they will always choose over me.

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I miss you when there's no reason to, how much more if there was? 
I miss you when we talk, how much more if we don't?
I miss you after we're together, how much more if I see you never?
I love you now, how much more later?


Have you ever read something that killed you inside? Like a text message or someone’s status. Everything was going fine until you accidentally came across something you didn’t want to read. Or found out something you were better off not knowing. It’s almost as if it was posted just to purposely hurt you. But constantly read it over and over again to torture yourself. It sucks how one little thing can ruin your whole day. 

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On training, we photojournalists were asked to take 10 photos with the theme Liwanag sa Dilim. I ended up with 3 photos since my camera died while I was taking photos. Sad life. Well what’s worse is that I didn’t know what story to tell behind the 3 photos that I captured. In photojournalism, it’s not about taking good photos, it’s about capturing great stories.

I’ll share again tomorrow. I’m too busy right now :(

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